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Italian Earworms - musical brain trainer, listen and speak

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Utvecklare: nataliya krotova

Learn Italian with Earworms MBT, an innovative method designed to get you speaking and thinking in Italian from the outset!

You know the earworm effect? Catchy music and lyrics that you just cant get out of your head? Well, by utilising the power of music, the Earworms Musical Brain Trainer puts useful Italian words and phrases into your head. It really works!

And when you come to pronounce the words, youll do so with the correct Italian accent and a bit of Italian gusto, because you automatically adopt the intonation of our Italian native speaker, Fliomena Nardi, on the courses.

Within a few hours of listening to Volume 1 youll be able to deal with situations like; taking a taxi, at the hotel, at the restaurant, requesting, polite phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with problems and so on. Volume 2 will have you talking about yourself (past, present, and future), chatting, and even flirting ... Mama mia!

Volume 3 continues with more useful everyday situations while going more into the structure, the grammatical rules of the language.